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Eight stages of quality control

At La-sad sp o.o. company quality is put in the first place. Therefore, to preserve the quality there are 8 steps that allow to minimize the risk of errors associated with the preparation of the goods.

Step I – the arrival

The first stage of inspection begins with the arrival of the goods at the company. Specially trained personnel confirm the quality of the unsorted goods - provided by the manufacturer. Fruits deviating at a significant level from the company quality requirements are not allowed to continue the process of presale preparing.

Step II – perliminary quality control before sorting

After passing the first stage of the control apples go to the sorting machine. Unloaded fruits are controlled by 2-4 people (depending on the quality of the unsorted products) in order to avoid getting significantly damaged fruits into the further process. Particular attention should be paid at this point to apples affected by any kind of damage caused by rot. Such fruits are at this point eliminated from further circulation within the company.

Step III – sorting via IQS system

Sorting through the IQS system is one of the most important quality control steps. Each fruit is examined, subject to analysis which entails about 60 pictures showing an apple on each side. Then, using a special computer program fruits are assessed and allocated on the basis of the appropriate category. The IQS system provides the ability to sort by size, color, and helps to eliminate any external damage to the fruits.

Step IV – sorting via IFA system

The fourth step consists of the internal quality control of a fruit. The IFA system when examining apples recognizes if there are no internal damages (flesh or around seeds), and also allows you to eliminate fruits, in which the interior may contain a foreign matter. Then we decide about the taste of a fruit. The system checks if the apples have a higher or lower amount of Brix of the one set by the operator.

Step V – initial inspection before packing

Pre-sorted fruits get on packaging lines, where after the water discharge takes place the fifth stage of control. 2 people on each line ensure that the greatest possible extent eliminate errors that could have made the machine. On special positions they are watching moving apples ready to eliminate anything when they find an unaproppriate fruit which lands on a special prepared for this purpose a conveyor belt.

Step VI – fruits packing

During packaging of fruits quality errors are already extremely limited. In this place there is also a special conveyor belt, which allows workers to reject the apples, which to some extent are incorrect or damaged. An employee taking an apple in his hand is obliged to make sure he puts the product corresponding to the requirements.

Step VII – final inspection after packing

Full packages of fruits are sent via belt conveyor for palletising. Each carton is supposed to go through scales. The weights operator is required not only to ensure that the package contained a proper amount of goods (boxes with the wrong amount are automatically stopped), but also check whether the fruit in a box are weighted in accordance with the order.

Step VIII – the final control befor a dispatch

After packaging and examining fruits wait for loading in a shipping chamber. Prior to loading, they are again checked by a quality specialist if there has been made any mistake and if the waiting time did not change the trade properties of fruits.





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