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Fruits sorting

We have pre-sorting machine made by Greefa company (Geosort IV) with the IQS system which recognizes the size, color, weight and external damage and the system of IFA (Internal Flavour Analyzer) which recognizes the internal damage to the seed in the flesh. There is also an opportunity to sort fruits according to their sweet and sour taste.


GeoSort was designed specifically for sorting of delicate fruits that can easily be bumped. This device allows to sort through up to 8 fruits per second. GeoSort is part of the pre-sorting line, where a fruit is transported directly from the device to water channels, and integrated into the whole system of canals hydrovacuum filling allows to pack any sort of fruits in a separate box.

External quality (iQS)

IQS specifies the external characteristics of fruits. Fruits rotate during the testing period, and cameras are able to take up to 60 images of each apple. The software analyzes them and captures damages and malformations of fruits.

iFA, Intelligent Flavour Analyzer

IFA is a measuring system produced by Greefa analyzing the internal fruits characteristics and Brix value. Without difficulty physiological defects are detected (such as damages around seeds) and storage damages (such as internal browning of apples).

Filtration system

The entire pre-sorting system is equipped with a water filtration system developed to allow for its purification from bacteria, fungi, and any other organisms, as well as separation of the solid residues.





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