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Our offer - apples and seasonal fruit

The fruit producer group La-sad sp. z o.o. has in its offer a wide range of products to be able to satisfy any customer. Among them there can be found the best quality fruits of Mazovita (probably the best quality offered today in Poland), as well as products in which the price of fruit is key.

Mazovita elite

Apples under this brand come from the largest orchard in Europe which is Masuria. The unique microclimate conditions facilitate the production in this region of probably the most tasty apples in the world. The appropriate rules of sorting and selection provide the customer with the highest quality available in Poland.

Product characteristics:

  • Variety: jonagold, gloster, ligol, champion, idared, gala (based on availability).
  • Size: according to the customer's wish and availability (sorting every 5 mm)
  • Colour > 75%+
  • External damage: none (VIII quality control level)
  • Internal damage – none (machine IFA control and statistic control of internal damage)
  • No microbiological residue (Shinepure system)
  • No chemical residue (Shinepure system)
  • Glossy apple (Shinepure system)
  • Firmness > 6 kg
  • Sweetness > 18 Brix
  • Deviation from the norm < 2%
  • Photo of each cardboard box (for review for one month)
  • Suggested packaging method: a single-ply 6 kg cardboard box, a single mould, every apple with a sticker, protective film on the box, a euro pallet, cardboard corners secured with tape.


I class

Standard apples are offered to those customers who value the right balance between price and quality. These fruits which meet all market standards.

Product characteristics:

  • Variety: TBD
  • Size: per customer's request.
  • Colour > 25%+
  • External damage: none
  • Internal damage – none (statistic control of internal damage)
  • Firmness > 5 kg
  • Deviation from the norm < 3%

Promotional class

The promotional class are apples with highly advantageous prices.

Product characteristics:

  • Variety: TBD
  • Size: per customer's request
  • Slight external damage
  • 3-stage quality control
  • Firmness > 4 kg
  • Suggested packaging method: a 13 kg cardboard box, cardboard corners secured with tape.

Peeled apples

Thanks to our technology which includes peeling fruits, we can offer to our customers peeled apples. The variety and size of the product can be negotiated. Apples can be coated with a browning inhibitor (citric acid or or other substance as ordered). Apples can be peeled, sliced or diced and cored.

Juices and apple puree

We have prepared for our customers a range of fruit juices and purees. These are pasteurised products, standard-packaged of the bag-in-box type or glass bottles, but we are opened to other suggestions. We have our own brand, Fruti, and it is also possible to order no name products.

Seasonal fruits

We have in our offer different types of fruits depending on a season of a year. Among of them there are:

  • Pears
  • Sour cherries
  • Cherries
  • Plums





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