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Fruits packing

The group of La-sad sp z.o.o. fruits producers is prepared to meet the highest requirements for fruits packaging. The production facility is equipped with the packaging lines made by Longobardi company allowing for packing fruits practically in all commercially available packages such as cartons (with lumen extrusion or in bulk), wooden and plastic boxes (from lumen extrusion or in bulk), bags, trays, tubes and many others. Lines are additionally equipped with special hardware that allows to improve the quality of fruit packing.

Shinepure system

The Longobardi company has developed a new technology "Shinepure" which allows for an instant specialist fruits cleaning process, the results are visible almost immediately. The peel of fruits is much cleaner and shiny, as if the fruits were polished and coated with wax. Thanks to that fruits are also cleaner, which was confirmed by laboratory analysis. The number of micro-organisms on the skin is minimal and any pesticides residues e.g. captan are washed from the surface of apples. But most of all, thanks to Shinepure fruits decomposition process is aborted and possible damage to the skin disinfected. Additionally, tails retain their green color even after a few weeks as if they were just packed. Technology Shinepure definitely raises and extends the visual appeal of fruits.

Automatic palletizers

The Longobardi company equipped the packaging lines with automatic palletizers. They allow to properly arrange packing on a pallet and eliminate the risk of damage to fruits during transport.


The machine allows you to put a sticker with any logo on each apple. The labeled apples enhance brand value and are designed for the most demanding customers.


Special machine for packaging fruits in plastic bags. 16 nozzles let you select the weight of a fruit closest to the pre-set standards so that the bag was always full of the same number of fruits or the weight of the bag would be the same.

Rollex 2000+

The device allows for placing a special film on each box. Fruits are thus protected against damage during transportation, but also during the time of retail sale.


The machine made by Valdysa company is a professional solution for laminating fruits arranged on different size trays. Optionally, packaging can be from one to many fruits on one tray. A significant performance allows for proper adjustment of the offer to the customer's needs.

Balance vehicular

Each packaging line has a built-in scales, where passing packages are weighted to make sure there is always the right amount of fruits inside. Cartons deviating from the set standards are retained. It is not until the operator selects the proper weight the package is forwarded.





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