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Traceability system - controlled movement of goods

Fruits in our sorting department are subjected to the full system control of the flow of goods. All imported fruits from manufacturers are labeled by the time of production to enable following them, from which producer particular fruits delivered to a specific customer come from.

For this purpose, installed the Hetman Platform was installed.

A couple of the most important processes that have been improved through the introduction of the Hetman Platform:

  • Identification of a supplier/manufacturer by means of batch tracking mechanisms.
  • Identification of the collection area.
  • Control (preview) of the nongrade inventory (in the warehouses of manufacturers and groups), half-finished products (after initial sorting in group magazines) and finished products (order fulfillment).
  • Location of a box in a warehouse
  • Tracking a batch
  • Minding the grace period
  • Creation of storage and trade documentation.
  • Creation and maintenance of full accounting and personnel records.

In order to check whether the order was completed according to the specification, each pack after packaging and before being covered with a film is photographed (picture below), and then weighed and marked with the appropriate label by an automatic labelling machine made by Longobardi, cooperating with the system of goods movement.

The Hetman Platform also allows to fully control the flow of packages so that every customer receives properly packed goods and warehouse carton stocks , extrusions, etc., were sufficient for the smooth execution of orders.

This system, in conjunction with mobile shelving system allows for keeping at the facility sorting logistics in FIFO system (First in first out). It is of great importance to the freshness of goods sold, as because of that none box of goods gets past its sell-by-date. Thanks to the own computer system service using barcode scanner truck operator knows exactly which merchandise to download properly in order to realize a specific order. Easy access and efficient loading facilitates a forwarding chamber with a of system of shelving by Orbiter and a direct loading dock.





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