In our offer - apples and seasonal fruit

We have a wide range of products to be able to satisfy any customer including:

  • Apples -among of them there are: jonagold, gloster, ligol, champion, idared, gala (according to availability)
  • Peeled apples
  • Juices and apple puree
  • Seasonal fruits -among of them there are: Pears, Sour cherries, Cherries, Plums

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About us

La-sad sp z o.o. is a group of producers gathering members from orchard corners throughout Poland. Our farms have been specialising for many generations in the cultivation of fruit farming. The biggest part of our production constitute apples of different kinds, but also there are cherries, pears, plums and sour cherries.

The seat of our company is situated in the administrative district of Bledow called the biggest orchard of Europe. Nowhere in the world is produced that big amount of delicious fruits. The microclimate of this place gives the apples the unique taste. Our offer is to provide the right preparation and delivery of fruits produced by the members of our group. Years lasting orachard experience combined with the up to date technical solutions allows us to meet even the highest demands of our clients.

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Innovative Fruit Producers Group of 2013

In 2013 the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation conducted a competition aimed at selecting the most innovative group of fruit producers in 2013.

The La-sad sp. z o.o. group applied to the above-mentioned ranking and thanks to its openness towards the customer and its proper approach to merchandise preparation it was awarded the Innovative Fruit Producers Group of 2013 distinction.

The young and professional staff makes every effort so as to translate these achievements into the best customer service possible.

projekt współfinansowany ze środków UE

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La-sad Sp. z o.o.
Borzęcin 15, 05-620 Błędów
tel. +48 48 370 36 80

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